Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Work

With the progression of classes, our first assignments have come to an end.I have several pictures of the work I've been doing in all my classes, including Painting, Digital Sketchbook, and Jewelry/Metals.

Painting has so far been my most productive class, we've already done many projects. One of our first ones was to introduce us to oils using only scales of black and white, working from a paper still life tacked to the wall. We were asked to make one "active" painting, and one more blended one. Below is my paper still life, and below even that you can see my section of the room, where my two paper still lives were posted as well as small monochrome studies of scissors were started. Those scissors have since been turned into color studies, but I have not finished them and plan on altering them soon, so I will post those finished versions later.

Since then, we have progressed onto dual colored still lives and then landscapes. Below is my still life, mostly finished, with minor errors I will fix before midterms. After the still lives were done, we progressed into full color, and were asked to bring in two things. One landscape painting, something to copy. My Master copy (by an unknown artist) progression is below, the under painting started here in mostly greens or mixes of greens. I am rather fond of it so far, and the print is on the wall next to it.

Our other landscape was to take a photo and paint it in a sort of colorful fauvist style. Though I haven't taken pictures yet, I have begun a painting based on a photo of mine from several years ago, and am attempting to turn this swamp into a colorful painting:

Besides painting, I have gone from my first tiny cuts in metal to a nicely formed piece based on our assignment "Symmetry and Synergy." Though there are parts that still bother me, for my first ever cut, filed, sanded, and riveted piece - I am happy.

And last but not least, our first project in Digital Sketchbook is finished. We were asked to "map" our past, present, and future. With past being childhood memories, present being school and college, and the future being a metaphor, here were the maps I created. Sorry the photo is so small, but this is what they became - all of them needed to incorporate scans of our own hands. My favorite concept was the past, "Home Is Where The Heart Is", but my favorite executed piece is the future piece (left vague because I can barely think about next week, the future as a thing is a very unknown feeling, black and white gaped space to me). The present ended up being kind of a collage with a mapped joke (the Skidmore Bubble), but I liked them all in general.

And with that, these are my most recent works up to date. More to come in the next weeks. Cheers all, hope the fall is going well!

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  1. wow, you've been really busy! love the still life and very impressed with the metal piece. please post the photo based painting when done