Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just Shoes?

Probably not - these are more than shoes.

Their wearability is questionable. Their design is out of the ordinary. Their materials are unique. And some of them are just outright cool. Though I'm sure every one of these pairs of shoes is not readily available to the public, but for now we can feast our lovely eyes on their photos and envy the models that wore them down the runway.

And then, there's the ridiculous.

Just wanted to share the interest. If you're a shoe person like me, it's pretty awesome. So enjoy!


  1. Interesting... I love shoes, and the white ones with the red sole/skull, they are available to the public. I saw them... Nice post.

  2. dsquared spine heels are so awesome! i love the first picture too. i think sculpted heels are so beautiful!