Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter with the Wieking Vikings

Hello all, happy Easter!
Here at Skidmore tonight, my group of friends and I had a dinner we all made and then ate together at Wieking, in Alissa's apartment. So here are a few shots of the fun in the making - we made three whole cakes (two of them bunnies!) and one kind of failed marble cake. However, they tasted good anyways! We got to hang around, talk, and play old N64 as well. Hope you all had a good Sunday!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fashion 04.19.11

Spring hasn't really sprung yet, we've only had a few "warm" days here. However, the rain has washed away the spring pretenders from the green, and it's been a chilly few April weeks. However cool it was today, it wasn't raining! So I got to wear my new shoes. :]

In other news, I tried on my new tattoo tights today! They're pretty cool, but the top of the design can get a bit low on my leg - which means it might awkwardly show the top if I wear shorts with them. But nonetheless, I still love them!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Follow-up: Tattoos and Photography

After my last entry, I wanted to share some of my favorite tattoo related photographs. So essentially, here is a thumbshare, enjoy!

Above by Mastowka.

Above by DocoPhoto.

By TOK5.

Above by BenoitPaille.

Above from ThisFellow, featuring Bobby.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tattoos - History, Technology, and the Art Realm

Today I was introduced to a site called "Cool Hunting," which I'm surprised I didn't know about before. However, it has many fun tags where you can read articles about anything you're interested in, such as illustration, food & drink, fashion, architecture, t-shirts, etc. However because I'm me, I was interested in the tattooing category.

I found several interesting things right away, and the first feature I stumbled upon was a brief history of Danish tattooing. Jon Nordstrom explains the history behind his book on the subject, including sailors, nautical tattoo designs, and a few of the first models for tattoo guns. My favorite part was the fact he states he had no tattoos before he first started the project. His arms are covered! It must have been great to go see some of the earliest parlors along the waterways, and meet some cool artists. To see the video (which has some funny quaint music to go along with it), here it is:

Another interesting (and helpful) concept Loic Zimmerman has created is a program which lets you scan your body, and put 2D designs on it, to see what you would look like with a specific design. Below is the photograph that came with the brief mention. However, many of the links on the article don't work, and the link for the program and the continued article don't work. Where can I get a hold of this? This would be so helpful when designing, since I've been asked by a few friends now for future designs.

I also found out that Ed Hardy apparently has a daughter, who is now designing jewelry under a line "Tattooed Steel" for those of you who are "tattoo-shy." Though I'm definitely not tattoo shy, the cuff, as I share below, actually looks pretty cool. Sure, anything connected to Ed Hardy is often connected to the Jersey Shore and general douchebaggery, but I think I may be able to pardon his daughter. I couldn't find her site online, if she has one (which I'm assuming she does), but it'd be interesting to peruse, I'm sure.

I found other things, such as articles on tattoos all about furniture and a vintage-loving tattoo artist who also love painting and shoe design! So hopefully in the future, I'll keep an eye out for cool things on this site, especially since some of these articles appear to be old (now that I notice the dates). Regardless, it's all new to me, and very fun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Worlds Colliding - Greek Lesson of the Day

Unexpectedly, a lot of my classes this semester have occasional little facts that overlap. Mostly my Medieval Woman class overlaps with ideals from both my Rome class and my Greek Art and Archaeology class.

Today, I learned the word "hysteria" comes from the Greek word for uterus, usteros.

Why? Because women visiting the Sanctuary of Epidauros in the fourth century BCE with pregnancy or uterus problems were hysterical. The uterus was thought to be of malicious intent well into the middle ages. This was because of the basis that men created and wrote on bodies during this time, and in later classical centuries. Aromatic treatment, taken in through your nose or down there, was thought to move the uterus inside your body depending on whether you wanted it to go up or down - and yes, the uterus moved. With malicious intent.

The whole class had classic WTF looks upon their faces, while I laughed. Classes colliding can be hilarious.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cause to Celebrate!

So, I don't think I realized I had attracted 29 followers until relatively recently. That's so cool! I didn't think that many people were actually interested in what I have to say (I aim high, clearly). Haha well, regardless, this makes me smile!

So here's a dumb webcam photo of my approval:

Cheers all, and thanks for reading! <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stuff Makes Me Angry.

People who know me well know that I'm not one to keep up with the news all that much. Politics aren't my thing, and I often don't find out about current events unless it's through someone, and therefore later.

Though I did find this bit of news through Modblog (and therefore someone else this time too), I thought I'd bring attention to it. Most mass-media gets hate from many people for many reasons, so this is nothing new, but at the same time, I still felt the need to share it because of it's irritating nature.

ABC recently did a story called "Spock Ears for Kids," as notified by the little headline at the bottom of the screen the entire time. Well, this title is already pretty insulting. For those of you that haven't seen this story, or don't know anything about ear mods, what they're really trying to talk about is pointed ear procedures. Some argue it's a trend now that the whole supernatural thing is "in," but to many, it's just another body modification that some people chose to do. After titling it, two women spend most of the time in the beginning and end of the segment making fun of people with pointy ears, and comparing them to things like people from Avatar, elfin girl characters in movies like Lord of the Rings, Spock, and even Santa's elves.

They go on to interview a man named Steve Haworth, who often does these procedures, showing him in the video working on a girl with notably pointed ears. They introduce him by his name, and then say he "calls himself a body modification artist," as the modblog writer Bob points out, makes it "as if it's not a real thing." It's pretty sad to be an artist and have a bunch of news chicks jab and mock you by debating your status in the art realm. I mean, I've never had ear surgery, but it takes a lot of care and knowledge to do these kinds of things. To do it right as well, requires artistry.

Bob also points out, "they spent more time mocking him and those who get the procedure done then reporting anything substantial." The two women also interview one girl who talks about her pointed ears (which aren't really that pointed), and then proceed to take her "I thought about it for 18 months and am a Trekkie" statement to transition into putting up digitally altered pictures of themselves with pointed ears in mockery of others.

After showing many images, headlined as a procedure "for kids," insinuating only dumb teenagers do this kind of thing, they bring in a doctor who talks about the danger of it all. Infection is something to watch out for, which is legitimate, but they also talk about it's permanency and how this is not irreversible, like piercings or tattoos are (which the latter is pretty arguable still).

But I'd like to think most people getting this done are not as worried about the irreversible part. Like many other more permanent mods, most think about it for an allotted time before getting the procedure done. So when having their ears sculpted, I bet they're probably ok with their situation, and perfectly aware it's not reversible - it's not negative to them. Unlike many beliefs about people in the modded community, there are plenty of us who have a head on our shoulders, and think about these things before getting them done. Getting tattoos and other modifications on a whim is a negative stereotype people think about a lot. We don't all do that, despite some's views.

Though there are plenty of non-negative, non-biased stories on body modification out there, there are still really annoying mass-media representations of people. Poor Steve Haworth, he's probably going to get a lot of negative attention. Sure, elf ears aren't on my list, but why poke fun at the people that do it? It's their choice, how does that hurt the reporters in any way? And god, the mass mockery, and the lack of an open mind.... Sometimes, I just can't stand people.

So now that I've ranted, here it is:

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Three Must-Have Tights!

Here are a few styles I've had my eyes on - I plan on buying all of them in the future. What do you guys think?

I've had my eyes on these for a while, I found them on Ebay. Though I wasn't planning on wearing them with these hotpants, I'm sure they'll go with all those black dresses and skirts I have.

After buying an amazing pair of black and white boots, I really wanted these two-toned tights to go with them. Unfortunately, I can only find them two places: Urban Outfitters (and they're not opaque enough in the front, so it wouldn't really be white, but nude) and Ebay (but the auctions I found were from China, and the cheapness and low shipping was a clear indicator of how it'd probably take forever to get to me, at which point I don't even know if I'd be still in school). I desperately want to find some, so if you've seen any for sale, let me know!

And last but not least, tattoo tights. Yeah, they're probably pretty corny, but I've always had a thing for crazy tights. I have several pairs at home, which I don't wear often, but I still love them. Someone pointed out to me that tattoo sleeves have been around forever, but I find those worse than the tights. They cut off awkwardly at the wrist and all, and you'd have to wear a cuff to pretend to disguise it, it's really a whole charade. Tights I feel like, are just tights. They're fun, and happen to be nude and make your legs look all crazy inked. Works out.