Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tattoos - History, Technology, and the Art Realm

Today I was introduced to a site called "Cool Hunting," which I'm surprised I didn't know about before. However, it has many fun tags where you can read articles about anything you're interested in, such as illustration, food & drink, fashion, architecture, t-shirts, etc. However because I'm me, I was interested in the tattooing category.

I found several interesting things right away, and the first feature I stumbled upon was a brief history of Danish tattooing. Jon Nordstrom explains the history behind his book on the subject, including sailors, nautical tattoo designs, and a few of the first models for tattoo guns. My favorite part was the fact he states he had no tattoos before he first started the project. His arms are covered! It must have been great to go see some of the earliest parlors along the waterways, and meet some cool artists. To see the video (which has some funny quaint music to go along with it), here it is:

Another interesting (and helpful) concept Loic Zimmerman has created is a program which lets you scan your body, and put 2D designs on it, to see what you would look like with a specific design. Below is the photograph that came with the brief mention. However, many of the links on the article don't work, and the link for the program and the continued article don't work. Where can I get a hold of this? This would be so helpful when designing, since I've been asked by a few friends now for future designs.

I also found out that Ed Hardy apparently has a daughter, who is now designing jewelry under a line "Tattooed Steel" for those of you who are "tattoo-shy." Though I'm definitely not tattoo shy, the cuff, as I share below, actually looks pretty cool. Sure, anything connected to Ed Hardy is often connected to the Jersey Shore and general douchebaggery, but I think I may be able to pardon his daughter. I couldn't find her site online, if she has one (which I'm assuming she does), but it'd be interesting to peruse, I'm sure.

I found other things, such as articles on tattoos all about furniture and a vintage-loving tattoo artist who also love painting and shoe design! So hopefully in the future, I'll keep an eye out for cool things on this site, especially since some of these articles appear to be old (now that I notice the dates). Regardless, it's all new to me, and very fun.

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