Thursday, May 10, 2012

Final Prints from My Intaglio Class

This semester has been an interesting adventure in my printmaking class. Intaglio is a process I knew nothing about, but was glad to say I grew with during the semester. It was a love-hate relationship to say the least, and super time consuming, but here I will show off my prints in chronological order. It's been fun :)

[ Mythology Assignment - Persephone. Very Grateful Dead.... ]

[ Midterm Assignment - Small Plate. I chose to do the Lake Placid Lady of the Lake story. ]

[ Color plate assignment.... mine looked better in black and white. Color is below. This is two plates. ]

[ Solar plates - exposed a photograph of mine. Best thing ever. We only got to do one, sadly. ]

[ One of my finals. Still went with the tattoo theme. ]

[ My first and best final, an favorite print this year. Commemoration of the RMS Titanic, 100 years ago last month (when I did this plate). I worked many, many hours on this baby. ]