Monday, July 11, 2011

When Things Grow on You

Jeffery Campbell Lita's. You probably hate them or you don't. When I first saw them, I was not a fan. But since those months ago, Lookbook's Lita-wearers have shown up almost daily when I choose to browse. Every time I scroll down the list of photos, there's bound to be a few of them.

After I decided I liked them enough to buy a basic black leather pair, I set out on eBay, only to wait too long. The cheapest auction was gone within a week. The others seemed expensive - and I turned to a site I don't like very much, Nasty Gal. I've never been a fan of their clothes really, but this place was for once, cheaper than eBay. I had also been debating Lita's American Flag shoes, but decided I couldn't wear those with much, the same going for the pink sparkley ones I had been eyeing.

After surfing google too, even other sites didn't have them the price I had found before on eBay (around $150). Thankfully, for only about $12 more, I bought this lovely pair on Nasty Gal (that comes with free shipping!). Can't wait to get them next week. I gave in.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Things I Want

Please join me on These are a Few of my Favorite Things for some crazy posts. I'll be featuring things I want - from outrageous shoes to fascinating headware, stellar interior decor, and unique jewelry. You neer know! I will be posting regularly.