Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Sur, California

Over spring break, I managed to de-stress for a few days all the way on the other side of the country, out in lovely Big Sur California. Though all the folks out there were still in their jackets, I was happy in weather that seemed warm to me! The combination of foggy and sunny days was a nice break from the snowy tundra, and this trip was all about the photography. No matter where I was, shopping, hiking, and all the like - a camera was by my side. I easily shot 20GB worth of memory, and I have spent much of those evenings and the past few days sorting it all respectively.

I re-discovered my love for black and white, along with reflections. To share a few of my favorite black and whites from the trip:

The rest of the trip consisted of foggy forests and sharp coast lines - my poor father was probably having to concentrate to drive a lot along highway one. It's very windy, and not quite the straight shot we're used to when travelling on New York's Northway. It was beautiful too, we drove many times along the coast, to travel north to Carmel, as well as south to San Simeon to see the gorgeous Hearst Castle.

The dining room of the castle - one of seven estates that belonged to a millionaire in the 1800's. Much of this room is furnished from European Gothic-era churches, therefore calling it the Gothic Dining Room. Every night, he would dine with guests that would stay with him at the estate, anyone randing from famous movie stars to sports players. Below is the indoor pool, or the Roman Pool, with gorgeous tiling of venetian glass, 10c gold, and blue, with statues copied from antiquity adorning the ends.

Our hotel was an amazing rural sanctuary as well. About an hour south of Carmel atop cliffs 1,000 feet up from the shore, the Post Ranch Inn was only surrounded by local campsites and hiking trails, as well as many national forests and a fog-covered ocean. It had three types of "rooms." There were tree houses - modern looking wooden houses on stilts, hobbit looking homes with grassy roofs, and ours, a duplex type building with one room on the two floors. I lived on the bottom floor down a flight of stone steps, while my parents were above me. Though I didn't get to take a shot of our rooms (most gorgeous from the shore I'm sure, but to take a shot would mean falling off a large cliff), I have shots of a tree house, the hobbit house, and even what the library was constructed like. They all had names as well, and my house was named "Peace."

Down below are other places around the hotel, the first being the restaurant on the premise where they would have a different menu each night (there wasn't many other options, we ate there almost every night). Below that is me in the infinity pool - my first experience in one! To sit in a vanishing edge pool and overlook the ocean was an amazing opportunity.

Overall, the vacation was amazing. Much of the photography I took will be in use for my photography class this semester - and results and photos will sure to be up from that at the end of the semester. For now, many of the artsy shots are visible on my DeviantArt, and slowly I am getting up many other shots of my travels as stock art for my fellow artists on DeviantArt [woodsy hikes, rocky outcrops, shorelines, animals, and many cool trees]. My fashions from the trip are of course on LB and LV!

Cheers all!

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Tees

Threadless is having an awesome sale. I know I haven't been there in a while, and I spend more money on dresses these days, but I couldn't resist some cheep tees and splitting shipping with a friend. Though there were many I want, I settled on a tee perfect for a photographer, and then a looser fitting men's tank for chillin' with shorts.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashion 03.13.11

Went to the Pacific shore today down at Big Sur. What a wonderful spring break it is so far! These rocks make me want to climb all day, and the water is cold, but the sand sure felt nice. It's great to be in just a light jacket again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What Trends Do You Dislike?

So because I'm slowly building a collection, I figured I'd share some terrible trends that have been plaguing the internet lately (or I guess, Lookbook). Though I (thank god) haven't seen many of these around where I go to school, apparently they're out there, and that's terrifying. So, here we go.

Something that came up quickly and has since seemed to fade a bit more is the tail-trend. These fuzzy accessories look like you have a giant rabbit-foot hanging from you, and I'm not sure how this is appealing at all. It appeared on the hot page often for the span of a few weeks before dying out, and I'm thankful it's gone.

A recent trend that has cropped up since late summer/fall is the pockets hanging out of the shorts trend. Some people defend it by saying it's supposed to look like you cut some jeans into shorts, but to me, it looks careless and sloppy. It doesn't help that they're not very practical either... and while a lot of people don't care for practicality, who wants to look dumb AND impractical? If I was going to look impractical, I wouldn't want to look sloppy too.

It's such a shame, that was such a good photograph, all with a poor pair of shorts. But speaking of sloppy, a trend I see commonly on LookBook is the half heartedly tucked in shirt. This looks terribly sloppy. Its in or its out, why look like you have an indecisive shirt? Choose one, Christ. And this image happens to contain TWO gems - another trend I dislike is the sheer shirt with the black bra look. It doesn't look stylish or sexy, it just looks careless and kind of slutty. You might as well just be wearing a bra, at that point...

This next trend has been going on for a while now, but for some reason, I dislike it. Coming from someone who likes vintage related trends, it may come as a surprise - but the ankle socks and heels thing just isn't doing it for me. It reminds me of what we all wore as little girls - young dresses with patten leather shoes and ankle socks. It's a girlish trend that makes me wrinkle my face a bit, and I have yet to see someone pull it off.

And my last but largest petpeeve - leggings or tights as pants. This subject warrents a whole other (long) entry from me, but for now, you'll just get one image. Paired with this awkwarldy cropped shirt, there are all sorts of wrong in this.

So, what kind of trends do you guys not like, and what do you think of these?