Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY - Studs and Fringe

Recently I've been trying to build up my collection of modified clothing for the up coming critique in November for my textiles class. My ideas have changed so many times since I finished my tapestry shoes, but I have enjoyed making these next two pieces.

After a sad night out and the death of an old friend (my poor studded belt), I pried apart the studs and applied them to some old leggings that needed some new loving. I definitely will wear them now, they've improved by far! Since the studs had prongs, and were hallow and light, they were easy to insert and space on the leggings, which had a handy side panel (if you're looking to do this, get some easy studs and try Nike leggings, the side panel helps hold them in place).

I was also pleased to find some bright fringe at Walmart the other day, and added it to the bottom of this shirt. After a failed attempt to dye an old crop top, I went to H&M to find this one, and I knew just where it'd be since I have the same shirt from weeks earlier, un-altered. But, I bought another one to mod up.

I shot them together for convenience - which I would never wear out. Remember, leggings are not pants! But I still love this shot. So take a look at my recent projects!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Risingstate and Red Boots

Today I received a curious email from a clothing website I'd never heard of, prefaced by interest in my blog. I occasionally get these emails from various other blogs, clothing places, etc. but don't always have the time to check them out. However when I did this time, I was actually pretty rewarded.

Risingstate is a wholesale website for women's clothing in China. Their prices had me grabbed in a second. Being me, I went straight for the shoes. Even though I purchased a pair of shoes online today already (hey, it's been a tough few weeks), I definitely want to get my hands on these red boots sometime soon:
I know the fringe thing is a love-hate trend to many, and I've generally avoided it because sometimes wearing fringed things gets annoying, but these boots were too hard to pass up (and there will always be a soft spot in my heart for suede).

Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY - Tapestry Boots

When I saw these Jeffery Campbell tapestry heels (both these and many other similar fabric-covered boots) - I knew I had something to do with my old fabric.

After working two years as an intern and assistant to an interior designer and decorator, I have amassed piles of old discontinued fabrics. When I started this year in my independent study class, I had a few scattered ideas of what clothing I was going to modify and decorate, but little did I know I was about to start off with shoes instead!

My pair of black faux-suede booties are a loved pair of shoes - I have worn them many a time. However, parts of the suede has worn off and they were starting to look a little sad. Knowing I could easily buy a replacement pair, I decided to recover them in some heavy duty tapestry fabric of my own - I don't need designer shoes if I can make them first!

Best part is, they count for a grade. I love turning hobbies into school work, it's how things come out best. The tapestry fabric is both beautiful and should wear well. Originally, I started out with a chevron design with a covered toe, but after pinning and cutting the fabric for the first shoe, I neglected to cut the pieces in the opposite orientation for the opposite shoe. Lamenting one of my favorite samples gone useless, I moved onto a red paisley fabric, which is both soft and heavy duty.

Using my old pieces as guides and cutting them correctly this time, I have embarked on a spectacular shoe journey. I have been working piece by piece, starting with the inner back section, which was the smallest. After cutting the pieces, I made sure they fit correctly before buying fabric glue and using that to put the fabric on. After letting the piece dry for several hours, I hand sew the places I can to reinforce it (basically anywhere not near the sole, where it is too hard for the needle to go through). So far, they look like this, and all I have left to do are the outsides:

I hope to finish them either tonight or tomorrow morning, and I can't wait to wear them!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business with Friends

You might see this as a bit of self promotion, but I see this as a bit of fun.

My friend and housemate Sam and I are beginning a small site for each other, where we offer Skidmore College our artistic services. While I am primarily offering photographic things such as product shoots or portraits (and randomly some tattoo design in there), she offers things in the area of graphic design, such as posters, layout services, and logo creation.

After coming together last year to make our friend a calender for her birthday full of fun photos, we decided working on projects like this were quite fun. Just recently we've finished the bulk of the site, and hope to get our work out there for the rest of the year. After all, pre-snow weather shoots are the best kind, I hope someone takes me up on it!

I know you guys aren't fellow Skidmore Students, but here is where I've been putting up my favorite shots from strict interiors to flowing landscapes. Check it out!