Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Business with Friends

You might see this as a bit of self promotion, but I see this as a bit of fun.

My friend and housemate Sam and I are beginning a small site for each other, where we offer Skidmore College our artistic services. While I am primarily offering photographic things such as product shoots or portraits (and randomly some tattoo design in there), she offers things in the area of graphic design, such as posters, layout services, and logo creation.

After coming together last year to make our friend a calender for her birthday full of fun photos, we decided working on projects like this were quite fun. Just recently we've finished the bulk of the site, and hope to get our work out there for the rest of the year. After all, pre-snow weather shoots are the best kind, I hope someone takes me up on it!

I know you guys aren't fellow Skidmore Students, but here is where I've been putting up my favorite shots from strict interiors to flowing landscapes. Check it out!

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