Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in Time, Indeed

Finally someone that agrees with me - blog writer Enem Uko from LookVille featured me not too long ago with many of my vintage and vintage-inspired looks. I pride myself daily on dressing well, and some of my greatest finds are thrifty pieces like my fifties bathing suit - turned romper, or my necklace made from old jacket lapels. I've got nothing against modern clothes, but sometimes all of the charm and quality are to be had in the older pieces.

So for some of my looks, new and old, check it out! Thanks, Enem!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Carolyn, congratulations on the feature. Just checked out the link.
    What a beautiful bathing suit romper!! What a find! I've been dreaming of finding an old-fashioned bathing suit like that (or at least that shape) and actually wearing it as a bathing suit next summer. I know even new ones they make now are retro-style... so I'll probably find something...
    Love your lapel necklace. It looks awesome the way you styled it with your dress.