Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY - Studs and Fringe

Recently I've been trying to build up my collection of modified clothing for the up coming critique in November for my textiles class. My ideas have changed so many times since I finished my tapestry shoes, but I have enjoyed making these next two pieces.

After a sad night out and the death of an old friend (my poor studded belt), I pried apart the studs and applied them to some old leggings that needed some new loving. I definitely will wear them now, they've improved by far! Since the studs had prongs, and were hallow and light, they were easy to insert and space on the leggings, which had a handy side panel (if you're looking to do this, get some easy studs and try Nike leggings, the side panel helps hold them in place).

I was also pleased to find some bright fringe at Walmart the other day, and added it to the bottom of this shirt. After a failed attempt to dye an old crop top, I went to H&M to find this one, and I knew just where it'd be since I have the same shirt from weeks earlier, un-altered. But, I bought another one to mod up.

I shot them together for convenience - which I would never wear out. Remember, leggings are not pants! But I still love this shot. So take a look at my recent projects!

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