Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Return to Monochrome

Recently, I was invited to a new website based out of Germany called ARTFlakes. Still in Beta, you can only join by invitation, but I was lucky enough to score one. After uploading your pictures, your art is available to the web for customers to buy high end prints, cards, and posters. For every sale, they are made and shipped by a a third party, without my involvement (thank god). I earn a royalty for every sale, a percentage I decide (though the higher you go, the higher your part is priced).

I am slowly building a collection to display. I get the impression this crowd is more for decoration arts, and keeping this in mind, am uploading things for a more domestic audience than necessarily an artsy one. Though we're all artists on the site, I am catering a different set of images than those I would put on places like Deviantart.

I have been primarily focusing on black and white works thus far. Though I will be uploading some of my favorite color images later, for now, these seem to add a classy edge to my gallery. I have been pulling images from Lake Placid, Carmel, Big Sur, Hobe Sound, and all over. It's very fun, and I hope to start making some sales soon. By all means, if you need an artistic gift, or some black wall space that needs to be filled - that's what I'm here for! This is my shop :)

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