Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tattoos are Art

Though not "traditional," most appreciators consider tattooing art. After all, the 'artists' are the ones who are tattooing the very ink on peoples skin, and helping those of us who can't draw design what we want on our bodies.

To connect the concepts of fine art and body art even more, I stumbled upon this unique tattooing style online and wanted to share with you all. In New York City, there might just be a place you can go to get some brush strokes on your skin - and these are no oils, they'll be there permanently.

Artist Amanda Wachob has been both painting and inking for several years, an artist in both fronts. Working at Daredevil Tattoo, she has a style notably different than a lot of the "stereotypical tattoos" out there. For a few examples;

Awesome, am I right or am I right?


  1. I love her work. The first time I saw it it was one of those WHOOSH...whoa moments.
    Truly great stuff.

  2. right, of course!
    the first tattoo is my favorite. i like the rest of them too, but the first one is more subtle.
    i'm sure you've seen Chanel temporary tattoos?
    i'v made little mula on Etsy now and sent you a question about your Love of Time necklace. is it still available? i just was wondering how big the heart pendant itself was (either height, width). what is the green stone do you know?