Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DIY - The Results

In the past week, I've managed to finish a few of my project.

First up was my steampunk gun, which I finally finished one out of three. Several others are sitting around half-glued and in need of other parts, but I was able to find a part I originally intended to use two years ago. Never gluing the pieces, they stayed around my house until this summer, and I was able to put my first gun into motion. Changing up one of my designs, I incorporated my discovered parts with part of my third design (as seen in an old entry). The result was as such:

After I finished this, I soon enough finished my jackets! Though I only have photos of one of them, they both look fantastic. Without a sewing machine, I had to take it to the tailor, but thankfully I had it all pinned and he was able to sew it for me. Next time I do a jacket, hopefully I'll have a machine. Here is the grey one, which I have taken to school with me:


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  1. that jacket i believe was my favorite. it turned out incredible! and you rock the look. (of course you can rock any look).