Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Bit More on Text Tattoos

For starters - I love text tattoos. I think they can be fabulous and wonderful and gorgeous.

The problem that comes with them though, is misspellings. I have been browsing tattoos for years, and whenever I come across misspelled ones, I laugh. But after seeing one more tattoo today, I had to share it.

The only person who has ever been able to carry off a misspelling seems to be Ash Stymest, a male model who had his dyslexic friend tattoo the same "Death Before Dishonor" on his lower left arm. At least that artist had a legitimate excuse for spelling something wrong (and yet we all wonder, despite the friendship, why let a dyslexic kid give you a text tattoo?).

At any rate, the caption beneath the above photo struck me as hilarious. From Ugliest Tattoos, the author writes, "Seriously, I am going to get a tattoo that says 'Dictionary Before Disaster'." And yes, I laughed. I would totally consider that as awesome/legitimate.

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