Monday, November 29, 2010

Design and Illustration

Over Thanksgiving break, I went treasure hunting in my own house - a chest in my front hall, as it turns out, holds many treasures. Though I found everything from old love letters of my grandmother's, to a spiked collar mum must have hid from me in middle school - I found one awesome thing out of many I've been taking advantage of.

My grandfather's Chemistry Lab notebook from his term in 1948-9 surfaced, with only a few pages written on. The old paper is unlined, and has been yellowed with age, and provides a great backdrop for drawings. I've been working in pen and marker for the first time in years, inspired by several illustrators and designers. I am envious of the line work illustrators oftenincorporate, as well as the stylistic qualities. It takes an imaginative mind, and seems to be a completely different world from the one I am in. I wanted to experiment with a few techniques and designs, so here were the first few pages I've done since finding the notebook:

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