Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

My digital class has introduced me to a creative, new site which could lead to some of the most creative gifts I've ever seen. Shapeways is a site which makes products from a 3D printer, and is based in Europe. Users can upload anything made on a 3D program to see if it is printable, and then they can order their products as well as sell them once a shop is set up.

After browsing for a while, I decided upon buying a customizable candle holder, formed from words around a base. With a line from a favorite song "All You Need is Love", I purchased a cute candle holder for my mother in white:

They end up looking like this:

So if you're looking for creative jewelry, housewares, and other fun things head over! It's got some really neat inventions I could have never imagined, all from a 3D printer. Just a warning - order soon, so you have enough time to receive them! Fancy materials take even longer - but if you're looking for the holidays or a birthday, or even yourself, it's fun to browse! Cheers :]

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