Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hiking in the ADK, my Project in 3D

My digital project has finally finished! Using a free 3D program called Unity, we were instructed to create a simple game with terrain, to collect something, that either tells a story or is a self portrait. My game served as both - a trail that leads you through the mountains I've hiked in the Adirondacks, in chronological order.

There are 46 high peaks, 8 of which I've completed. I included a total of 10 of the various peaks I've climbed, with the objective being to summit all of them and collect the 8 medals on the tops of the mountains. Trail markers similar to the ones in real life are on trees leading the way, and there's a sign-in hut to your left when you enter the game (lest you get lost, don't forget to check in!). Signs along the trail tell you how far the summits are, and gorgeous views can be seen from the top!

Complete with some simple woodsy sound effects and windy, bald-rock summits, you can play it here!

Here were a few screencaps I took while making everything:

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