Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving brings Photoshoots

Since I've been deprived since August, I finally had time upon this break to shoot once more. Before she went away, Rachel took time to drive out to a field with me and dress up for one last chance at an outdoor shoot. Out in the great swamp area, she'd spotted this one last grassy clearing that no one had cut down yet.

We drove right into the field and tramped around in sundresses in the November cold, each prepared with three different costumes and outfits. It may be the last time I can stand to shoot outside in such light clothing, but it will only make me look forward to shooting times outside in winter clothes, or over spring break somewhere warm.

My favorite shots were the few dark edits I completed at the end, and though the shoot produced many awesome images, I'll just post a few favorites here.

More here.
Hope you are enjoying the break and time with family; cheers!

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