Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lake Placid in November

This weekend was the first weekend I was able to go somewhere other than the mall or the movies for a few hours - so, I took a night alone in Lake Placid. I drove up Friday afternoon, and back this evening. It was much too short of a visit, but I will be back.

Being there was like a sigh of relief; a breath of fresh air. On the drive up I passed the cascade lakes, with the rock faces of the mountains next to them lit up in bright orange afternoon light. The birches in the shadows were a dusky blue, and as the sun went down I arrived home to look out my window and see Whiteface a pinkish golden hue, spread out like a pair of broad shoulders.

I felt like I was truly home.

(Sorry for the poor saturation of these photos, they look much more colorful on other sites.)

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