Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art in Books

Starting this month, our library is running an interesting project with several old books I have chosen to be a part of. At any given time, you have three books to choose from, and you can pick one to take out for three days, and do anything you want in it. Most people draw or collage, highlight, and even paint.

I chose the largest book simply just to have space to draw - however, it ended up being a hilarious choice. It was an old dictionary of euphemisms, and many of them were written in such a humorous way I ended up reading more of it than drawing in it.

However, I managed to do two pages. Since I did them in my little time, I only did some quick inks - but I had fun.

My first page I chose to draw was where C started; for "Call-girl". Essentially, it was an excuse to draw something sexy! Though I was planning on doing a full body, I didn't quite get there. However, I was happy with the profile.

The second definition I chose was "Arse". It started somewhere along the lines of, "What people say instead of ass when they are trying to be cute". So, taking this in mind, I drew this:

Overall I had a lot of fun! I want to check them out again, but have little time in the upcoming week before Thanksgiving Break. Since there's no set deadline, I'm hoping I'll be able to do more when I return :] So if you ever get the chance, find an old book and make it your sketchbook! It's a fun project.

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