Monday, August 2, 2010

Behind the Lens

This past weekend I drove down for a few days to Saratoga to visit a few friends that had stayed for the summer, working and taking classes. My good friend Ariel was originally there to be employed by a local photographer, but was out of work within weeks in after May due to the woman's drop in funds. Left on campus unfairly with no pay and little to do, second semester she signed up to take the familiar and fantastic class I had last semester - Kyle Ford's beginning photography class.

With the session coming to a close this past week, my friend has been working on her last two assignments. With me there and all, I agreed to be her model for one of them since I enjoy being behind the lens and feel comfortable.

Taking the route out past the apple picking farm, we wandered some fields and trudged through the grass to get a few fantastic pictures. We both considered the day a success. I took her photos to play with myself on photoshop, and though I don't know what final edits of her own she will use, here are her shots I edited for myself just to have.

There were so many more shots I loved, but sharing them all would probably murder most people's internet with the horrible death of slow loading. So for now, those were my few favorites to share.

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