Monday, August 23, 2010

A Room with a View

A Room with a View was a book I read in high school that I did not like very much.

However, it also happens to be a photography collection I just discovered that I do like very much. I took a visit to a photography website I haven't checked in a good few months that I used to browse called 1000 Words Photography. Upon going today, I was checking out the current issue and the first bit that struck my eye was Nuno Cera's work.

Ever since I was young, I was interested in reflections. As a child, I would often sit in hotel windows and stare out at the endless city lights. In high school, plenty of my portfolio and personal work revolved around reflections. From the checkered floor of my bathroom reflected on my doorknob to the skyline of Chicago in "the bean", I had shots I adored and still look upon nostalgically.

Cera's work focuses on a combination of my two favorite things, reflections in city windows.Taken from different hotel views, Nuno Cera seems to put together the juxtaposition of something so calm like sleeping figures on top of a busy lit city. He describes so clearly what a window is artistically as opposed to just literally - it's not just some glass in a building to protect you from the elements outside, but instead it's an item that acts as a viewfinder for Cera's ideas, as reflected (haha) in his photographs.

There is always something you look at first when entering a hotel room. For a long time, I always looked at how big the bathtub was. For Cera, it was the view outside his room. To share some of my favorites;

The intro that hooked me went something like this:

To read more, do check out the amazing article. Cheers!

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