Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daft Punk

When work is slow, I often find myself in the depths of the internet reading up on the most random things. Today's little bout of fun happened to be me discovering a man who made his own daft punk helmet over a span of several months, and then posted the process on youtube. Too speechless for words, I spent ages reading on forums, blogs, and other places only to find the man's own blog later on today.

Apparently, he made one helmet for himself and one for a client, and sculpted them to perfection. He doesn't plan on selling more, but a girl can dream - I'd love to commission another Guy helmet from him.

To share some photos from a final shoot of his, here were my favorites:

Photos taken by Jennifer Barclay.

I was happy to see there was an eBay auction for a helmet that was due to end in two days, but I discovered within hours of coming home that the auctioneer was probably a fake. Not many photos were provided, and the price was surely too low (which just made me too excited to notice at the time), and in the end I had to admit things seemed fishy.

The original company who crafted Daft Punk's own helmets is offering to custom make them for anyone willing, but they cost a large sum of 65,000 and require permission from the two DJs themselves (and another full year to craft). I'm pretty sure most people would rather buy a Jaguar.

I am hoping in some near future the artist who made the DIY helmet will take commissions again, or some other company will be smart enough to start manufacturing them for something a little more affordable than 65 grand.

To see the video on how it was made, check it out:

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