Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Visits

Sorry for the lack of entertainment, I have family visiting. We've been fishing, hanging out, participating in golf tournaments, etc. For some silly times, here are some shots.

From the so named "Sip n' Stroke" golf tournament my parents and family started years ago (it's only some golf with beer and doesn't imply anything else dirty...) here are some shots from the day we played. The turnout wasn't great, but that's what happens when somehow two strangers end up running a tournament amongst friends, and they set the date too early. I was one of the only younger people available (not at camp and working locally so I was there, not home) so I said I'd play if I could team with my father, and we thought the less people the more chance to win.

Though we scored a pretty good 39, both of us could have played better, and some of the very unfairly paired men won the tournament with a 34 (why they put two fantastic golfers together is beyond me - does nothing to level the playing field).

After that, family from Chicago dropped in for a few days and are here to enjoy our so far stretch of good weather (finally) out by the lake. After work today, me and a local friend and fisherman Zach took the two kids out to fish down near Camp Woodsmoke in echo bay. Little Jos caught the biggest fish of the day, and Anna took three from the water, while I only scored one - but at least everyone got something!

All summer of course, it's been the usual, family water skiing by, hanging out at the dock, and swimming at the beach to avoid the Iron Man downtown.

Cheers and enjoy the summer while it lasts. More to come!

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  1. gorgeous lake! so relaxing to even just look at those pictures. thanks!