Friday, July 16, 2010

The Do It Yourself Spirit

Recently I've been working on a number of projects. While I'm busy working during days of the week, and drawing things at night, I have a few ongoing things I'd like to share. I have a few works in progress that are quite fun.

For the past few years, steampunk has continued to amaze me. I love Victorian styles and have a strange love for clock movements and roman numerals. I've finally got my butt in gear trying to get a steampunk gun together. Though most steampunkers are true craftsmen(women) and can put together a metal work of art, I am nowhere near that. (Others even spraypaint waterguns and make them look awesome, but I don't have the spray paint skills, or enough stills to distress the paint like metal). I have resolved to making mine from metal objects I've collected over the years, though none of them have handles yet, and this is still my problem.... but for now, with nothing attached yet, they look like this:

Along with my attempt at metal skills, I've been working on jewelry. I will be selling at an art fair up here in Lake Placid on the 18th of August, and I need to make more to sell! Though I've made several necklaces, this little bracelet made with watch bands and a mini vinyl I decided to keep for myself. What time is it? DISCO TIME.

Besides all of those fun things, I am also working on elaborating a jean jacket of mine. I rarely wear it anymore, but I thought if I jazzed up the back panels it might be more fun. Since I am currently working for an interior designer, I often take samples of discontinued fabric, and I have put together three panels here. Once I pin them, I will need to find a sewing machine, or if that doesn't work, use some kind of denim glue I read about. Anyways, once they are sewn on, the denim panel seems will still be visible dividing the fabrics. These are the ones I chose, lain on the jacket, with my makeshift pattern above I used to cut the samples with.

Sometime in the future, I also plan on making another color chart tank. Everyone's seen this one below, but thankfully, I was given another color chart at the end of the school year to take from someone who didn't want theirs. Once I can find a good blank tank to put it on, or maybe a tee this time, I can get started with this simple project.

So for now, cheers, and once I finish these projects I will be sure to share!


  1. miraculously, it is amazing, I love your style


  2. love all your DIYs. especially the color chart top. i'll try to search your blog and see if you have directions.
    also, i really like your jewelry on Etsy. if i sell any of my Etsy stuff maybe i buy one of your amazing necklaces.
    i found your blog through Lookville. please check mine out at