Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun and Recent Purchases

This year, I told myself my resolution was to spend less money. My ideal was to save all of the money I'm getting, and only spend using gift cards I've gotten for Christmas on fun purchases (the truth is, I don't NEED anything more, especially clothing).

I've broken this resolution a few times already.

I am planning on letting it take effect when I get back to school. But for now? I treated myself to a few last things.

Just today, I bought two great things. I hadn't looked at Threadless for a few months, and remembered it today after running into a frequent tee designer on DeviantArt with some cool things. Browsing pages forever, I wanted so many. Since so many designs were on sale, many of the ones I had my eye on were sold out in my size. A few were just the wrong color for my skin, despite being a great design (I just can't do beige tees). But I settled on this one.... unusual, but too wtf hilariously awesome to pass up. I saw that there was only one left in stock, and it was my size. Meant to be!

A few hours later, camera accessories and nerdy items came up with my cousins when I went to go visit my aunt's house. She and my uncle had just received large canvas prints of three of my photos to hang, which will be going in their upstairs hall. It looks super awesome, and I will be posting on those soon. But after some visiting and Internet browsing, I settled on using a bit of the money for the above commission to buy something nerdily camera related that I've wanted forever - Photojojo's camera lens mug.

I have a Pentax, and sadly no one likes Pentax, so there was no mug for us - but the Nikon one was definitely my favorite of the options (two types of Nikon and Cannon lenses). It will be on it's way to Lake Placid soon, so I can settle in with a nice hot cup of cider in a lens on the chilly days to come!

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