Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Friendly Feature

I've got a resolution to be better about this blog now that I'm coming into my last semester at school. I will be working a lot, and hopefully should be making some pretty fun things (this includes clothes AND photographs)!

But to make up for neglecting my blog, and some of my lamer entries these past few months, I wanted to share a blog written by a friend of mine who has a lot of cool things to talk about. If you like reading about strange animal facts, scary movie magic, and how to potentially control your dreaming, you might want to check out Notes of Ranvier.

I don't know how people come up with this kind of stuff. People who manufacture helmets are looking at Woodpeckers for inspiration, and resources on lucid dreaming suggest you can become a practiced dreamer by learning to control certain aspects and actions of your dreams. In the end, I'm the kind of person who loves learning random stories and facts like this. It's inspiration for something to talk about with your friends with at dinner, or possibly to read about further just for fun.

To get the story on this odd looking creature, you're going to have to take a read! :)

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