Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Shorts Pt. I: Cutting, Bleaching, and Distressing

After cutting my first pair of shorts, experimenting with distressing for the first time, and dying as well as studding (and even employing my mediocre sewing skills), I decided I wanted more.

I headed out to a local second hand shop, and bought the only two pairs of jeans I could find that fit me. Many other pairs were large, but if there had been more, I would have so bought them up (they were pretty cheap). One pair was plain, and the other a Guess pair with a peace sign on one back pocket. To my delight, the Guess pair had zippers on the bottom. Guess who will be making more zipper shorts?

Taking them home, I cut them. I left one pair long, having in mind I'd try fringing them. Fringe shirts have worked out well for me in the past, why not try bottoms?

After cutting them, I threw the long pair in a bucket filled with bleach mixed with water. Here's a shot of the bleach I used, the bucket in the laundry sink, a beat up towel, and gloves. Make sure you're wearing something you don't care about, bleach splashes easily!

I had no idea how long it would take, but after an hour passed, I added the rest of the bleach. Oddly enough, the long pair took most of the afternoon, and turned a very pale yellow. Expecting the second pair to take just as long, I threw them in and left the room. Within half an hour they were white (which surprised me when I returned to check up on them). I still have no idea why the first pair took so long, but I suppose I'll never know. Below is the first pair soaking, and the second pair white.

Last time I dyed my shorts, I expected a mustard color, closer perhaps to a brown, especially after using dark yellows to dye my shorts. I was surprised when they came out a little more green - but of course, I had not bleached them, and thought the light blue wouldn't effect it so much. This time, I got smart and bleached test strips cut from the legs, that way I can test dyes on them to make sure I have the colors I want. Below is what they looked like unbleached. I left one zipper on the front of that one short leg, showing how I plan on sewing it. I will cut out the middle, and probably sew fabric between the zipper (after dying the shorts).

Shortly after, I began to cut the fringe on the legs of the first pair.

This made a lot of lint...

While shortening one end, I accidentally cut one fringe. It was just too noticeable to leave. So, I cut every other fringe off, which actually made them look better (in my opinion).

When I was finished with those, I started distressing the second pair on the front and back, using my Swiss army knife. I am debating whether or not to distress the fringe pair, which are already pretty busy. But, I have distressed the second pair, both on the front side that will not have the zipper, and the back pocket that isn't studded into the peace sign.

I am thinking of studding one front side completely of the fringe pair (evenly spaced studs). I am still thinking of colors for both. Ideas for how I should dye? What colors I should use? Or use of studs? Comment! :] Stay tuned for my progress once I get back to school. That's where the dying and sewing fun starts!


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  2. Those shorts look awesome!

  3. These shorts look so funky, what a a great find in a thrift shop. I'm gonna check out part 2 now :)