Sunday, June 13, 2010

Things I Must Have Missed

Waiting in line at Adam Lambert, my friend and I spotted a new polaroid camera we'd never seen before. Determined to look it up when we got home (since the only models I know are the traditional models from the 80's like I have and the indie kids' favorite), we found several technology inventions since then that are quite awesome -all polaroid related, of course.

According to this site, in late 2005 we both missed this phone that prints polaroids, plays music, and hopefully calls people:

Though I think that would be kind of cool, I'd lean towards something more like the following - a digital camera that saves pictures on a memory card, but also prints little pictures straight for the camera - even in sticker form! As someone who loves both polaroids AND stickers, this sounds like a dream. Unfortunately, it's 200 bucks, and I haven't got that to blow.

But with that all said and done, looks like I should be looking out for these things!

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