Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Rediscoveries

Depressing features aside, I have been doing actual things, but just lacking motivation in posting activities. Wow, that must be really lazy - I know that's what you're saying. I've been sitting on the computer since I got home from dinner, and just now, am managing to re-cap a few things from this past weekend. However, I'll clue you in on what me (and the rest of my dandy family) have been up to.

With the visit of some relatives from Illinois, we did the honors of taking my eleven year old cousin to his first Yankee's game - and mine too. Though I am not normally a baseball fan (it's a bit slow for my taste), this first game this past Saturday held a special rediscovery for me - falling back in love with my telephoto lens. It has been sitting in my camera bag for probably at least a year, most likely two, untouched. It's such a sin, but I forgot to bring it up with me to school this past year, and I haven't had time to lug around lens changes for the past while. My digital camera is already weight enough, but a bag with other lenses and cameras sounded like even more work.

However, I had no idea just how close we'd be to the actual field. So, donning the lens, I put it on my camera with the hopes I'd be able to snap some good photos. If I had anything to keep me entertained, it would be my camera. And within the first half hour, I was already snapping fun action shots of running, hitting, and pitching. Though the speedy ball is hard to capture, and sports shots are considered corny to a lot, it was a fun rediscovery. I managed to make it look like I was sitting in the first row, when I was actually quite far from it.

Though it looked like a normal game, it didn't end without a serious injury this time - which all six of us managed to miss until we spotted the Indian's pitcher laying motionless on the mound. Of course I was busy snapping away pics (which dad is telling me to sell to sports illustrated, but I know I'm a bit late on the curve).

However, to share both corny action shots and some documentary captures of said poor pitcher (who is supposedly ok and recovering), here they are:

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