Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to My Poor, Neglected Cameras

During the school year, I was too busy to even bother taking pictures with anything that wasn't instantaneous. With only a few film shots here and there from the cameras I occasionally stuffed in my purse, most of this past year has been digital. To be fair, so has a lot of this summer so far.

Yet, I want to return to all the cameras I've neglected - from new to old, plastic to metal.

My first measure was to dig around for fresh film, which I promptly found and put in all my little cameras. I place these plastic toys in various purses and tote them around with me, snapping shots in the car or out and about when the digital is not in reach, or when I don't have it. For days out with friends, all of these are really fun to have. Recently, the Golden Half camera has gotten a lot of love from me and I have developed my first role of film (as you guys saw a few entries ago), but my other ones haven't seen action since summer after high school. I would love to use the Holga again, since it's last exposures were from winter last year. I am in love with double exposures now and would like to do more.

Another camera I love is the polaroid. In fear that the film was indeed being stopped, I bought boxes and boxes of film, and even received many for Christmas that year. Thankfully since, someone has bought them out, and I have all the more of a stock now, but I haven't touched the box in months. I love the homey feel of this camera, and rediscovered it in the closet after my parents had put it to rest. Still alive and kicking from the eighties, this friend is soon to be back in my hand.

The other camera that has been missing in action is dad's old Pentax from the eighties. I primarily started using it when A, he didn't, and B, when I discovered Infrared film. Back then, I was aware after doing that remote test that my digital was incapable of taking infrared shots - but with a red lens and some special film, I could use my dad's old camera. Much to my disappointment, infrared film stopped production a few years ago just after my discovery, leaving me with just two roles left. I do want to take some more up north where the trees are plentiful - the white snowy look is one of my favorites. But the difference is, now every shot will count!

Though I have several more cameras, one that I have been itching to use was a Christmas gift from a few years back. I have had the type of film I needed to buy written on a sticky for ages - and only today looked it up to buy. Well, goodbye almost forty dollars! The foldable A-3 Kodak 122 film was not cheap, and not only does every shot count now, it's probably a several dollar shot! I will have to brush up on my skills and make sure everything goes right. I am sure the camera will work, but the pictures will only turn out if I can meter my light well and focus up, so wish me luck!

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