Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trying out Rainbow Shorts

It was time for my old jeans to become new. Cutting them super short for warm summers (well, they had a hole in the thigh), I distressed them a bit, though they didn't need much help. After only a little bleach (they were pretty light), I was ready to go. Here's what my setup looked like:

My colors were already made in bottles, and as you can see, my little sample is down there. I have the baby booger thing, some gloves, activator, and urea water which isn't pictured here. I simply put these colors in some larger tupperware so that I could draw from them with the... booger thing. Haha I don't know the name for it, my bad.

After all that is done, I simply started spreading. The colors I used were from PRO Chemical & Dye, and were Ultra Violet, Bubblegum, Chartreuse (didn't show up much but was good for blending), and Aquamarine. I took off the gloves because I simply can't handle things with them on, they are so bulky. Though I do get funny colored fingers for a bit.

Here was the final result! They blended well, although look a bit faded in comparison to bright and wet dyes. These shorts however, were a very high percentage of cotton compared to my usual usage, so that is probably why.


  1. Awesome, I like how you do a fabric patch test first makes loads of sense. x

  2. Great cosmic and fantastic realisation !