Saturday, October 20, 2012

In the Meantime....

Unfortunately, these past few months have been kind of crazy, and I've let this blog fall into neglect. So, before I begin to blog my recent makings once again and remember to pay attention to this place, I need to bring everyone up to date.

In August I went away to Ireland and Scotland for the first time. It was absolutely amazing! I have tons of pictures up and entries from every day - we drove around constantly and got to explore many places in both countries.

To read my blog, check it out here!

After the big trip, I came home to an awesome gallery opening. My dad has been involved with a new place in New Jersey called One River, that is going to offer classes to teach all types of art to kids and even adults. I wish there had been a place like this when I was in high school - since schools like mine cared more about academics and less about art, our programs suffered. This is the kind of place people will want to go to further that education. They have a gallery component too where great artists can be shown, and pieces can be bought as well. Their grand opening was in September, and I got to shoot a bit of it! 

Though I'm done with school, I moved back to Saratoga with my boyfriend and his friends for one more year while he finishes up his senior year. In the meantime, I've been continuing to make shorts in a new studio space! I have also returned to doing jackets, which has been fun.

I also started an internship with a local history museum, where I had worked before shooting collections for their archives. I've started helping them out again this time, but instead of quilts, I'm shooting amazing garments dating back to the 1800's! Since then, I was offered a job to work with them as their administrative assistant, scoring at least a part time hours. It's better than nothing, and they really need the help. I'm glad to be working there!

I've also managed to meet up with many awesome ladies in New York City who share my love of fabulous leggings in a Black Milk Clothing Meet-up. These first two shots were an epic shoot we scheduled in Central Park! Check out the awesome photographer who helped us out! :] I even got a shot with a fellow Black Milk friend, and the designer himself at a dinner later that night!

Well, it's been a short update with a lot of photos, but I hope you guys are still with me! I am going to be posting more soon about up and coming clothing and maybe even some tattoo designs I've been working on, since I have been taking commissions since July. See you around!

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