Saturday, July 7, 2012

What's Coming Next Week:

A better tutorial on shorts!

I decided for my own good and for the sake of a few online buddies that I'm going to post another DIY shorts tutorial. I did one already, and it had some good pics, but I feel like I should explain a little more how I go through the process. It's a bit different for me since my supplies have been cheap / free thus far and have largely been thanks to the textiles studio at my school (though this will soon change), but everything I use is still available to the general public provided you are interested. :]

I will provide: More info on the dye and the company the colors are from, measurements and in-detail supplies you need besides just your shorts and dye, and more pictures!

I will probably not include studding just because I don't have any at the moment and need to order more, so I won't be able to show that off, but I'm sure you guys know about that. Prong studs, no sew-ons, are pretty easy to find (it's prices you have to hunt for). 

If anyone shows any interest in spiking, I may try this on shorts someday provided I get the right tools. :]

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