Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hopping on Board the Instagram Train

For anyone who isn't quite sure what this is, it's an apple-made app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It allows you to take photos, which are always in square format, edit them with some filter options, and post them on a page you develop. Best part? It's free. It also includes a touch of social networking - similar to tumblr, you can follow other photographers, and they can follow you. You can also tag your photos with the typical hashtags (#winter, #cute, etc) so people can come across you work in searches.

As far as I can see, this little program is fantastic for many, but a touchy subject for others. Real photographers get a bit pissy over it because there are tons of teenagers with iPhones who claim they are great photographers because they use Instagram. Of course, by no means is this little thing a substitute for a nice DSLR or film camera.

However, I think it's a step up for phone cameras. Frankly, my phone takes pretty shitty photos. When I was gifted the iPod touch for Christmas, my natural inclination was to turn this music device into yet another camera. What can I say, I am me. After downloading all my music, I got this free app, and went crazy. I've enjoyed taking holiday photos, and family photos, and this device will quickly replace my phone for taking quick shots in public. Since I don't always carry my big DLSR with me, this gives me the opportunity to take shots when I'm out with friends. Instagram also makes life easy when emailing pictures to myself or friends, so I can have them on my computer.

As far as I can see it, it's a win win. Just don't use it to inflate your ego!

If anyone else out there has one, you can find me under Carolyn M, or my screen name MizRolyns. Lots of my photos were recently tagged under "Winter" and "LakePlacid," so there's always that too. Cheers!

(PS - I promise to be better about this blog. I've been neglecting it, and haven't shown any of my work. More entries to come!)

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