Tuesday, December 6, 2011


So many people in my country want to or already look like this. Given this image is an exaggeration for most, for some... clearly it's not, and that's scary. The media represents people that look like this every day on TV and in magazines. There's every kind of way to get a fake tan, or put implants in various places in your body to make them "look better."

And yet, there are those of us who think the kissy-face fake girls are delusional. Why are those who have sleeves or look like the girl on the right trashy or scary to many? Why is having a fake tan, poorly done highlights/bleach jobs, and potentially plastic surgery better than having tattoos and interestingly dyed hair?

Why does the majority of my country aspire to be fake in every way?

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  1. My thought exactly. A sad sight which seems to have crossed the Atlantic. Let's just hope it is another fad... somehow, I doubt it.