Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trying My Hand at T-Shit Mods

I have never modified any tee's in my life, but after the 2nd Annual Wait Day, I thought I'd give it a try.

Our dorm, Wait, has one day at the end of every year where the RA's go all out and spend their money on us residents, giving us tees to tie dye, free food, and this year, we even got to paint a mural on the basement wall! However, the tie dye process went a little differently. With spray dyes and no solution to dip in first, the dye didn't soak through very well, but allowed me to get down with spray-like textures.

I had two large tees and two smalls, and decided I wanted to modify one of my large ones. I kept one as a large shirt dress to belt, and this one I completely cut up. After browsing some Youtube type tutorials, I got some ideas, put on some vinyl, and got to work. While in the process, I listened to: Grateful Dead Hits, Sgt. Pepper, and Best of the Doobies.

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