Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Roads of Rome

Tomorrow night, I will be embarking on my journey to Rome! Going with a class of 25 I have just spent the semester with, this is exciting news. Though I will be sure to post photographs and fashionable things here, as well as my usual sum-up, I have another blog that will serve for my travel purposes. I will be writing daily there, as is required by my program, and it will feature many of the sites I visit, and other photographs. I will save my funny stories and fashion posts for here, while everything informational and more in depth will go there!

So, if you would like to read along with me, please do!

There are two assignments there already, the first post a reflection on our entry essay, and the second on how we imagine the first walk around with our class to be (inside jokes included). We were writing those for our final, however the posts include some of my photographs from my first trip to Rome my senior year of high school (such as that above).


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