Sunday, February 26, 2012

Printmaking - Intaglio

This semester, I needed to enroll in one last exploratory art class. I chose a Printmaking class with an Intaglio based process. We started this semester learning lots and lots of processes, finally to start the first real assignment last week. All we were told is "myth," the one word left open ended for us to choose any myth from any culture we wanted.

With my arbitrary classics background I've developed, naturally I stuck to Greek myths. I chose the myth of Persephone, and the drawing for my plate ended up pretty Grateful Dead looking. I'm not against this, of course! Below: the left is the copper plate with my drawing traced onto the ground with red oxide, and ready to be dry pointed. On the right is my original sketch / plan.

Stages one and two are below, as well as what blocking out looks like when it comes to acid biting. I have just finished the third and final today (not pictured here), but have left it to dry and will take a photograph later this week. In the end, I wish the last stage looked a little better. But you can be the judge for yourself once I post that!

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