Sunday, February 26, 2012

News News News

Sorry for the lack of posting that's been going on, I've been having an awful time lately with sewing machines breaking and papers, etc. I have been waiting in the mail for some studs, which is why I haven't made the final post on my (almost) finished shorts. But the good news is, I have several other pairs I have picked up from the school's free clothing table, so there will be more to come this semester!

As for my senior project, I am well on my way on the third dress out of four. In the coming month, I will be shooting my portraits, finally! Those pictures will definitely be on here come the end of this semester. And I will actually finally explain this project, and what's been keeping me so busy.

For better news - I have a job this summer! I will be joining my friend and old professor Kyle Ford for his last gig at Skidmore College, assisting his summer photography classes. We will be having lots of fashion and digital printing adventures, according to the schedule. Applications go out soon, but I'm pretty certain I'm already in. Super pumped to be up here for a few more months!

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