Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seeing Things Come to Fruition

This summer, I was lucky enough to be re-hired by my boss from last summer, a very efficient interior designer. Nearly a one woman business with only recently acquired full time help, I come in a few days a week to make sure fabrics are current, help her find things, and occasionally, go on site to some exciting jobs. I like having a hand in the creative processes and not just being on the phone - so when I got a chance to see the finished version of a job I helped with last year, I was very happy.

Most jobs we have are local. That being said, my aunt was one of them, and her family was just finishing up a house nearby. After they built a pool house, I had my hand in picking out fabrics for most of the furniture inside of it. Today, while over there, I had a peek at the finished product. Considering last time I saw it, the pool was a hole in the ground and the house was an empty wooden shell, this was beautiful!

Here are some crappily taken quick details to share - but to note, I spent hours searching for those rope and fringe trims, getting price quotes and availability, faxing orders for fabrics, and finding as many greens to match those fern pieces as possible. But now it looks great - so well worth it!

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