Thursday, June 16, 2011

Salvaging and Creating

After a semester of not touching my jewelry box, I am back into creation! Before making many more pieces, I took out my dusty necklace holder, and eyed all the things I haven't worn in ages. I ended up reorganizing, and then taking apart several old pieces, so I could fuel my supplies even further. I figured I'd modify some old things to make them better, and sell many of my beaded pieces I made years ago, considering I don't touch many of them now. I was also finally able to fix many of the tangled chains and mend the broken earrings I hadn't had time to over last semester.

Of course, today's real gem was the earrings I created from a necklace I took apart. In this old webcam shot, you can see what this used to look like. The outer necklace here consisted of several tiny chains tied together, looping over several circles at the bottom there. In back, the slew of chains was tied to a series of links, and then a toggle clasp held it all around my neck.

After dislodging all the circles for my own use, the toggle was still connected to some chains, as was the receiving circle. I had an idea. Clipping off the toggle and a few links, I put on wires, trimmed the chains to the same length, and created a stunning pair of long chain-trailed earrings. I thought I'd sell them, but there's no way - I love them far too much! Here are some quick shots I took to show them off to a friend:

After separating out many old creations to sell, I have made a few new ones I have already put up:

All in all, I've been pretty productive lately. I hope to make a few sales, and keep on creating soon! To take a look at my etsy, I have many more necklaces and crafts for sale, as well as some vintage clothing. Cheers!

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