Saturday, January 1, 2011

Florida in the New Year

Happy 2011 everyone! I'm down here in Florida for a few days, and it's finally starting to get warm here once again. Though it's been too windy to spend much time outside, I've been down to the beach, and driving all around in the golf cart. Sadly, my uncle's pool heater broke - so I have no underwater photos this break. I packed all the clothes - but all in vain. At least there has still been time to chill.

Though I can't wait to go home and see friends, here are some shots I snapped today. Cheers!


  1. Hey!!
    I have missed a lot of your latest posts too, sorry! Beautiful pics in last post and amazing dress in this post!
    If you ever try Louboutins please let me know.

    I still love my shoes. I have to say I try not to wear them inside my house. It leaves red marks on hardwood floor (nothing serious, it comes out if wiped). However shoes are fine floors in stores or restaurants. Since you paint you may know of a better sealer for acrylic paint than just plain old modge-podge. This was my favorite DIY and was super easy. Please do let me know if you try this. My original shoes came from Payless... but I find good shoes on sale at DSW, Ross and T.J. Maxx and even Kohls and Target.
    Good luck with your school. Hope everything is allright.

  2. These pics are gorgeous girl! Check out my blog also sorry it took me so long to follow yours pretty lady!