Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Commercial Shoot for 46 Peaks Vodka

Today did indeed bring me a job - and I've already been put on a project! Though I am not officially working until mid to late June when I come back up to Lake Placid, I agreed to embark on one experimental project before I left.

My to-be employer Ann works mainly as an interior decorator, but also owns a local distillery with her boyfriend as one of her many ongoing projects. Her newest drink has yet to be put up on the website or advertised at all, and knowing my interest in photography, she put me on the job.

Here are my five bests to share, which I hope she likes. If she gives a thumbs up to any of my ideas, I'll be thrilled to continue working to make the best advertisement I can - I was very excited to embark on my first commercial shoot!

1 comment:

  1. I love these shots, especially #1, 4 and 5! This project is really exciting...have lots of fun with it and BEST OF LUCK!!! xoxo, Carina